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Three shirts to help you celebrate the Indians’ American League championship

Cheat codes, victory, and bloody fingers.

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The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series! Injuries have plagued this team throughout the entire season — from before it began with Michael Brantley’s shoulder to Trevor Bauer injuring his pinky prior to his Game 2 start in the ALCS.

* * *

Update: For those wondering, there is no discount for all three, but if you order any three shirts on BreakingT you get free shipping — so there’s that! Also, there is no guarantee you will get your shirt before Game 1 of the World Series, but they are doing everything they can to get them delivered by early-mid next week. Obviously, the sooner you order the better chance you have.

* * *

All of that is now behind us, it’s time to celebrate. To help you do that, we have partnered with BreakingT for three new awesome shirts to commemorate the greatest moments of the ALCS.

Click here to order the ‘Cheat Code 24’ shirt from BreakingT

Andrew Miller was absolutely NASTY in the ALCS. Seven and two-thirds innings pitched, 14 strikeouts, zero earned runs and zero walks. He was so great, in fact, that he landed a well-deserved ALCS MVP nod. Using him is almost like using a cheat code, particularly his slider.

Click here to order the ‘Indians, Why Not This Year?’ shirt from BreakingT

This one is pretty self-explanatory. There is no more waiting for next year in Cleveland. This is Cleveland’s year. This is the Indians’ year.

Click here to buy the ‘Attack of the Drone’ shirt from BreakingT

One of the most memorable things in the ALCS, besides shutting up Jose Bautista once and for all, was Trevor Bauer bleeding all over the field after lacerating his pinky finger on a drone. Now you can own that memorable moment in the form of a horror comic book cover. These shirts are all designed by the great people at BreakingT, but I did suggest the drone in the background and it came out awesome. You’re welcome, America.