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Trevor Bauer exits Game 3 start after his stitched-up pinky starts bleeding

He gave it a shot, but the gruesome pinky burst like a dam.

Trevor Bauer lacerated his finger on a drone, sure. It required several stitches, sure. But how bad could it reallyBEOHMYGODTREVOR.

TBS highlighted the gruesome finger prior to his start in Game 3 of the ALCS. Due to major-league rules prohibiting any kind of foreign substance on a pitchers hand, Trevor cannot wear a bandage while pitching. The good news is that Bauer says it will not affect of his grips. The bad new is JUST LOOK AT THAT THING.

Update: And just like that, Trevor’s night is over. He threw 19 or so pitches before the stitches burst and he began leaking blood all over the field. He has been replaced by Dan Otero.

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons came out to ask the umpires to take a look at Bauer, and rightfully so. It was quickly determined that Bauer would have to be replaced.

Now with a seasonally appropriate GIF!