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Rajai Davis will start Game 1 of the ALCS on the bench

Coco Crisp will get the start in left field against right-handed Marco Estrada.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins

Pre-game interviews are concluding, Trevor Bauer lacerated his pinky finger on a drone, and lineups are in — the ALCS is almost upon us!

As you may expect against a right-handed starter such as Marco Estrada, the Cleveland Indians will lead off with Carlos Santana. The biggest oddity in this lineup is Coco Crisp getting the start in left field over Rajai Davis.

Cleveland Indians lineup

The speedy Davis had 299 plate appearances against righties in 2016, slashing .258/.312/.396 in the process. Despite being a right-handed batter himself, Davis was better against righties (90 wRC+) than he was against lefties (79 wRC+) this season.

With the issues the Toronto Blue Jays have with stopping base runners, Terry Francona may be hoping to use Davis in a late-game pinch-run situation. It still seems weird — and very un-Titolike this postseason — to just leave Davis on the bench and hope that kind situation comes up. Let’s hope the Blue Jays don’t find a way to test Crisp’s arm in left field, because it will not end well for Cleveland.

Davis is hitless in five at-bats this postseason, but that is far from a valid reason to have him sit while Crisp is trotted out there.

Toronto Blue Jays lineup

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