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Which team enjoys a better homefield advantage for the ALCS?

Matt S. examines the subject with extensive use of tables.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Let's begin our analysis of the two venues to be used for the ALCS with the cold, hard facts.

Cleveland Indians Toronto Blue Jays
Stadium Name Progressive Field Rogers Centre
LIAR Jacob's Field SkyDome

Hah, good joke, table. Yes, both stadiums used to have names that fans enjoyed more. The original name for Indians' current park comes from the owners at the time, Richard and David Jacobs. This led to the affectionate nickname, "The Jake. Now, Indians fans get to enjoy copious amount of Flo as a result of the Progressive sponsorship.

Meanwhile, SkyDome used to be one of the better sports facility names on the planet. Many Blue Jays fans refuse to call it the Rogers Centre, which became the name name when Rogers Communications bought the team in 2005. A local bus driver even got people to sign a petition to change the name back. Also, note the dubious but interesting -re ending. Silly Canadians.

Back to the facts!

Cleveland Indians Toronto Blue Jays
Capacity No one knows anymore That depends, really
Seriously? What a copout! Come on man.

Whoa, chill, table. Please stop interrupting this article. The capacity figures aren't really as simple as they seem. As announced before the playoffs started, the Indians added seats to Progressive Field by filling in every other row in the lower bowl, in addition to some rows in the upper deck. During the season Progressive sat 35,222, but for the ALDS vs. Boston, reported capacity came to 37,762 and 37,842.

Meanwhile, the Rogers Centre is even weirder. 49,555 was the reported capacity for the final game against the Rangers. According to ESPN this is 100.6% of the usual capacity. During the 1991 All-Star game, 52,383 fans packed into the stadium. I wouldn't be surprised if the Blue Jays find a way to sneak a few more seats into the current configuration as well, although in 2015 they topped out in the postseason at 49,751.

Again, let us continue.

Cleveland Indians Toronto Blue Jays Montreal Expos
Total Attendance 1,591,667 3,392,099 Jonah Keri
AL Attendance Rank 13 1 Undefined

I'll let this one slide, table, since those stats actually seem to check out.

As you can see, the Indians didn't draw anywhere near as many fans to the ballpark this season. I won't spill any more words on the subject, as the attendance woes and pet theories as to their cause are well-documented. It's less of a factor during the playoffs, I think, as both parks will be filled to the brim. As far as the overall crowd impact for the series is concerned, I think that the crowd advantage has to go to the Blue Jays. The Rogers Centre is louder than a Rush concert when the roof is closed and mayhem happens on the field. This next video is actually kind of quiet, so be sure to connect your office speaker to a Marshall full stack and turn the volume as far as it goes.

On to park factors, courtesy of Fangraphs.

Team Basic 1B 2B 3B HR SO BB GB FB LD IFFB FIP Helmet snugness Buntz
Blue Jays 102 97 108 105 106 102 99 99 101 101 99 101 100 too many
Indians 102 100 103 81 101 101 99 101 97 101 95 101 -15 stop Lindor plz

As a quick primer, these statistics are normalized to 100, meaning that a score of 100 is league average, while 110 is 10% greater than league average. As we can see, both stadiums are more or less neutral, but the reasons behind it differ slightly. Rogers Centre provided a few more home runs and 2B than average this season, although to a certain extent that's a direct result of their lineup having 25% of the at-bats. Progressive field is pretty much exactly average for every type of hit except the 3B, for which it has never been a friendly park. The rest of the stats are somewhat more dependent on the pitching staff but I think they're fun to ——

Come on table knock it off. Okay. You know what? Fine. I'm just going to leave. If you're think you're so hilarious just go ahead and write the rest of the analysis.

Hah fine loser let's look at splits
BA OBP SLG OPS+ Sample Size
CLE @ TOR 0.227 0.257 0.381 67 4 games
TOR @ CLE 0.250 0.316 0.433 97 3 games
CLE @ Home 0.288 0.359 0.469 118 81 games
TOR @ Home 0.260 0.341 0.444 108 81 games
So you can see that the Indians once again have disappointing numbers on the road. This didn't hurt them in Boston
Let's finish up with some of the more important "park factors" that Matt ignored because he's stupid
Progressive Field Rogers Centre
Inside the Park HR Walk-offs 1 nada
Best beer White Rajah Labatt
Best food Tie: everything Labatt
Peanut allergy zone? Peanut aware zone Peanut reduced zone
Roof? None hehe maybe lol *wink*
Opponents currency accepted? No. 'Murica. Yes
Number of restrooms 41 Labatt
Hotel rooms Um. 348
That's all for now. Even HTML tables can root for the Tribe, you know.