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A candied apple short rib is coming to Progressive Field for the ALCS

Yep. That’s meat. In an apple.

Everyday we stray further from the God’s light.
Delaware North

The Cleveland Indians are known for their varied and interested food choices at Progressive Field. Until now, the king of weird has probably been a hot dog topped with pulled pork and fruit loops, but a new creation from Delaware North spinoff Throwing Smoke may take that title.

Announced earlier today, the Candied Short Rib Apple is exactly what it sounds like — a short rib in a candied apple. After the apple is split in two, closed snugly around a short rib and impaled with a stick, the entire creation is “rolled in a cider glaze, toasted peanuts and fall herbs.”

Delaware North

I have never tried this culinary oddity yet, of course, but I just cannot wrap my mind around what it must taste — or feel — like. Do you get warm juices from the rib running down the apple? Do you bite through the apple then through the ribs? Eat one section at a time? Close your eyes and hope for the best? What kind of texture overload must this entire thing create in your mouth?

Although, I must say, I love candied apples just as much as I love short ribs. And an apple glaze on red meat is nothing new, so maybe this is something we all needed but didn’t know until we actually saw it. Like an inflatable car mattress. Or Brandon Guyer.

Would I give it a shot sometime? I don’t know, it’s hard to say just what I could be willing to put my tastebuds through. Either way, bizarre food like this is the best, and it’s one thing I look forward to seeing — and trying — when I actually make the five-hour drive to attend baseball games.

If you already spent the insane amount of money required to watch the Indians play in the ALCS and can still scrape together $12.50, you can pick this bad boy up at Throwing Smoke, located in the new Infield District.