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Cubs' comeback means three of four League Championship Series teams are set.

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The Dodgers forced Game 5 in their series against Washington with a 6-5 win yesterday. Clayton Kershaw was great for 6 innings, but Dave Roberts desperately wanted a 7th out of him. He should not have, because it meant Kershaw weaving in and out of trouble before leaving baserunners for their pathetic bullpen to allow to score. Kershaw was charged with 5 runs, which doesn't tell the story. Pedro Baez was nobody's bae. Luis Avilan was no better. Joe Blanton finally got out of the inning and picked up a #PitcherWin when Chase Utley drove in the winning run, despite me being 99% sure that he'd strike out once he got to two strikes.

Elsewhere in the league of These Guys Actually Let Their Pitchers Give Up Hits To Other Pitchers, the Giants tried to prevent the Cubs from moving on to the NLCS that everybody assumes they will win. Things were going very well for the Giants through eight innings, all of which Matt Moore pitched, allowing just two hits while striking out ten. 120 pitches was enough though, and Bruce Bochy brought on Law, Lopez, Romo, Smith and Strickland on for the save. If that sounds like something went wrong, you're right. Many things actually. Law, Lopez and Romo retired zero batters. Smith was credited with the L and BS. (That's Will Smith, he of varying degrees of interest from LGT commenters.) The Cubs scored four runs in that ninth, which gave them a 6-5 lead that Aroldis Chapman closed out.

Indians things are everywhere

Jonah Keri reeeally reeeeally liked what Josh Tomlin did on Monday. And did a really good job of explaining why. Lots of charts, too! "Of the 19 batters that Tomlin faced, 13 of them started the count down 0-1." Call it gritty if you like.

Also on Monday, Dustin Pedroia swung at the highest pitch he'e ever swung at in his career! Probably not a great idea for a 4'7" guy.

Jon Heyman says he was wrong to count out the Indians. Yes, he mentions being like Hoynes. He also wrote this about Mark Shapiro.

Jeff Sullivan says we should have known that the Indians pitching would be underrated. As Sullivan says, "relievers don’t get a lot better than Miller and Allen." So true.

Trevor Bauer has a new celebration video and it's even better than the first one.

Chris Antonetti's 10-year-old daughter is the most positive person in the world. No word on whether she thinks Michael Martinez is capable of an 8-RBI game. Either way, we need her in a game thread here once in a while.

The Indians have become extremely compelling, according to Mr. Anthony Castrovince. No argument here.

Around baseball

• The rumors were true! The Braves actually gave Interim Man Snitker the full-time managerial job.

• Carlos Beltran is not retiring and wants to return to the Rangers.

• John Farrell will manage the Red Sox in 2017.

• And finally, the first 35 seconds of this will make you very proud of your baseball team: