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Trevor Bauer named number one starter for first playoff series against Boston Red Sox

Jordan Bastian reports that Kluber wanted to pitch, but was "overruled"

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Late Saturday evening after the Indians defeated the Kansas City Royals, Jordan Bastian posted on twitter that Trevor Bauer is the Cleveland Indians starter for its first playoff game this season.

Ideally, the Indians will not have to use any of their starters on short rest, and will have the series against the Boston Red Sox wrapped up in three games. This also scraps my favorite pet theory that the Indians will blow baseball tradition apart and use some of its relievers as openers. So it goes.

The key is that Francona wants to use his starters in a way that will maximize their effectiveness for the duration of the playoffs. Pitching Kluber during game four does increase the chance that he would aggravate or re-injure his quadriceps, and losing Kluber for any time during the postseason would be a potential disaster.

To be named the number one starter could serve as a crucible that finally melts the "quirky, weird, unorthodox" labels away from him and replaces them with "proven ace, team leader, ahead of his time". Alternatively, a couple of rough starts could rattle him, given his competitive nature and constant desire to be the best he can. Either way, the importance of Trevor Bauer to the Indians' dreams of a World Series title only grows.