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Fun with odds: How will Cleveland Indians third base situation play out in 2016?

Will Urshela stay in Cleveland the entire year?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

At the top of the Indians off-season shopping list was the addition of some impact hitters, with third base being a potential position to improve.  The Tribe has added two veteran hitters so far, with the signings of Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis, but neither of them are third baseman.

As it stands now, it looks like the Indians will go into the 2016 season with Giovanny Urshela as the guy at third base, with Jose Ramirez backing him up and Lonnie Chisenhall an option if absolutely necessary.  Down on the farm, Yandy Diaz seems close to being ready for a potential Major League call-up after slashing .315/.412/.408 at Double-A Akron last year.

So how will this all shake out?  Will third base be a net positive for the Tribe in 2016?  Next winter, will we look back and praise the performances of our third baseman or curse their struggles as one of the main reasons our Tribe missed the playoffs?

Let's have some fun and take a look at some odds on potential outcomes for the Indians hot corner in 2016.

Urshela Improves to a League-Average Bat and Remains Starter (4 to 1)

Urshela hit a measly .225/.279/.330 last year over 288 plate appearances, which gave him an abysmal 68 wRC+.  He's young and Steamer projections see him improving this year, so there's that.  As for him remaining the starter, the Tribe's brass certainly is cheering for him to take the job and run with it.

Urshela Wins Gold Glove (8 to 1)

We know his defense is his calling card, but he will have to improve offensively so he gets enough chances to show off that amazing glove work.

Urshela Struggles and is Demoted to Columbus by June (3 to 1)

I hope this one loses and loses big.  If he opens up the season slowly offensively, there will certainly be pressure on the Tribe to go another direction and demote Urshela.

JRam Starts 50+ Games at Third (10 to 1)

This would not be ideal.  I like Ramirez more than a lot of folks, but he's best right now as a utility guy, not a starter at third base.

Chisenhall Forced to Move Back and Start 50+ Games at Third (5 to 1)

Chisenhall's surprising defense in the outfield at the end of last season makes this a tough sell, but if Urshela struggles and Diaz isn't ready, then I could see it happening.

Yandy Diaz is the Starter by August (5 to 1)

Diaz's strong performance at Double-A Akron last year likely means he'll start the year with Triple-A Columbus.  Scouting reports say his power is still developing and plays excellent defense.  Hmmmmmmm.

Indians Trade for Star like Evan Longoria (25 to 1)

Big odds . . . big returns!  Sucker bet or get rich opportunity?


So which bet entices you the most?  How do you think the Indians third base situation will play out in 2016?