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Cleveland Indians News: Tribe Fest Recap

The Indians held their Annual Tribe Fest yesterday.

Francisco Lindor, behind his Emoji alter ego
Francisco Lindor, behind his Emoji alter ego
Cleveland Indians

Tribe News

Indians fans flock to sold-out Tribe Fest |

Because Progressive Field is under renovation, this year's TribeFest is being held at the Aloft Hotel, but even with the offsite location fans still showed up. Most of the team's major-league roster was there, as well as several alumni.

Bryan Shaw tops Francisco Lindor in Pictionary |

A fan got a rather unique collector's item from Francisco Lindor:

Other happenings at TribeFest:

Cheers await Albert Belle in Cleveland |

Now that the Indians have announced that Belle will be induced into the Indians Hall of Fame, the only question is whether Belle will be there. He would have been in the team Hall years before had he confirmed he would have been in attendance.

Cleveland Indians, without Lego Manny, will lean on pitching and bunts in 2016 |

What we do later in the season that we don't do early in the season is play for the run,'' Kipnis. ''You see us bunt a lot. I'm not saying we're going to be coming out and have (Francisco) Lindor bunt every time again. It's just that we're going to be smarter about how we manufacture a run.


If you can beat 'em, join 'em: Rajai Davis hoping trends reverse when it comes to Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers |

Zach Meisel talks to Rajai Davis at TribeFest.

How important is No.1 draft pick to Cleveland Indians? Hey, Hoynsie |

Hoynse answers reader questions.

MLB News

Statcast breaks down best-hitting MLB pitchers |

NL starting pitchers rated by batted ball exit velocity. Spoilers: Bartolo Colon shows up.

D-backs acquire Jean Segura from Brewers |

I know it was a previous administration, but if they had just kept Didi Gregorious, they wouldn't have had to make this deal. More on this deal and other MLB moves in tomorrow's transaction post.

Bonus Tweet

Francisco Lindor not only is good at baseball, but takes fantastic selfies: