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Cleveland Indians reveal their new Spring Training uniforms for 2016

Sublimation, y'all.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians (and, sure, 29 other teams but who really cares about them) revealed their new uniform for Spring Training 2016.

Cleveland’s jerseys themselves remain mostly untouched from their regular season away jerseys, featuring the dark blue -- almost black -- look that they sported last year. However, their caps now feature a white panel on the front with the red block C logo on the front with a stitch outline. All caps will also have an American League or National League badge embossed on the right side as well as an AZ or FL patch, depending on which Spring Training league they play in.

To me, the best thing about these new jerseys is the sublimation on the player names and numbers. They each feature random Arizona or Florida imagery and they give the jerseys a really nice look. You cannot see it very well in the image above, but has a great image gallery featuring detailed shots of every team’s new jersey.

If they sold special editions without the AZ patch on the side and with Cleveland-centric images, I would buy a jersey with that sublimation in a heartbeat.