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Carlos Santana could lead off for the 2016 Cleveland Indians (Wednesday N&N)

Personally, I think I still prefer Kipnis. But it's good that it's being thought about.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Santana could end up the Indians leadoff hitter in 2016. Terry Francona said this at a radio affiliate lunch yesterday. It always makes sense to have your best OBP guy getting the maximum number of ABs, but Jason Kipnis did so well in that role last year, I'd have a hard time moving him.

Things Matt has already covered

Josh Tomlin signed an extension that will remove him from the free agent market next year. Wonder why he would do this? Here's why. And here's Bastian's article on it.

More NRIs were announced by the Indians yesterday. No Zimmer. No Frazier. No [Todd] Frazier.

Around baseball

• The Milwaukee Brewers will be wearing these awesome uniforms as their alternates in 2016.

• The Mets made their Cespedes signing official.

• The Nationals signed Bronson Arroyo. You might be thinking "Gee, westbrook, it sure would be nice to know the details of that contract." Well, guess what? It's your lucky day: