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Friday N&N: Clint Frazier hates college

Could Clint be the spiritual successor to the famously book-hating Cliff Lee? Also! Cuban slugger Yoenis Cespedes could be headed to the nation's capital.

How can I be expected to do homework when I can't even keep my glasses right-side up?
How can I be expected to do homework when I can't even keep my glasses right-side up?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another work week comes to a close, and much of the eastern seaboard prepares to hunker down in preparation for a big ol' storm. While you sit at work dreaming of making yourself a couch burrito this evening, how bout taking a look at what's going on around baseball:

Tribe-related news & notes

Indians World Series odds at 25:1 | Burning River Baseball - Recently, BRB examined the Tribe's 2016 ZIPs projections, but now they're turning to a wholly different set of projections - the Vegas odds. What goes into making these odds, and why have the Indians dropped since the beginning of the offseason?

Clint Frazier doesn't seem to be enjoying college | CBS Sports (via Al Ciamaichella's Twitter) - Clint has just taken his first college class ever, and he already hates it. I think we've got a new Cliff Lee in the makings.

Optimizing the Indians 2016 lineup | Burning River Baseball - Lineup construction is a delicate art, but one that is often fussed over more than it's worth. So why not take a look at 2,000 words about where Rajai Davis should bat?

Winter musings on Lonnie Chisenhall | Wahoo's On First - Lonnie Baseball is the likely starting RF for the Indians heading into 2016. For anyone who has followed the Indians for more than two years, that still probably feels a little strange. There's just something about Lonnie, though, that keeps us from giving up on him.

Tidbits from around MLB

After missing out on Upton, Nats pursuing Cespedes | Fox Sports - A year after giving Max Scherzer a boatload of money, the Nationals are looking to offload another boatload for Yoenis Cespedes. Reports indicate they're offering the outfielder less than their $132 million bid for Justin Upton, but if they do manage to sign him, it'll be a challenge fitting him into an outfield full of Ben Revere, Jayson Werth, and reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper.

Why Cespedes could be a good fit for the Nationals | CBS Sports - Matt Snyder takes a crack at where the slugger could fit into DC's defensive configuration. Perhaps another trade might be in the works, but it seems likelier that some positional swapping would be the first option.

Aroldis Chapman won't face charges in Davie incident | Sun-Sentinel - The fireballer will not be charged with firing a weapon during a domestic dispute in Florida. Instead, he will be the next in a long line of Yankee heroes with vaguely scummy rap sheets.

Chris Davis signs the richest deal in Orioles history | Fox Sports - Aside from the absurd amounts of money, the most interesting part of this story is that the Orioles had a dude named Joey Terdoslavich (and they had to DFA him to make room for Davis).

The hidden moves of the offseason | Fangraphs - You can analyze the big trades and free agent signings ad nauseum, but how much time have you ever spent thinking about the boost (or detriment) that returning players could contribute to a team? August Fagerstrom looks at which teams are most and least likely to benefit from players that have been on their team all along.

Pablo Sandoval has lost weight again | - Some may say he's in the best shape of his life.