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LGFT Shaun Marcum Retires (Wednesday News and Notes)

We'll always have that June 11 game against Seattle.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Jason. But some stuff happened:

• LGFT Shaun Marcum has retired and will coach for Northwestern Oklahoma State University. My mom went there! No she didn't, but I didn't know what else to say.

• The Dodgers gave Joe Blanton $4 million to pitch for them for one season. Appreciate Chris Antonetti's cheap pitching staff, people!

• The Marlins could sign Yoenis Cespedes then trade Marcell Ozuna.

• The Angels signed Mr. Balkoff Al Alburquerque.

• Jason Kipnis will not be organizing any city events any time soon. So put away those 3-ring binders, Knope.