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Jason Kipnis had his dream of a new Cleveland Balloonfest crushed in record time

It only took three minutes for someone to bring up how much of a disaster Cleveland's Balloonfest was in 1986.

Kip is not amused.
Kip is not amused.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night, Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis retweeted an account talking about The Cleveland Balloonfest that occurred in 1986, asking if it could be brought back to Cleveland. Who wouldn’t want to see the sky filled with balloons at once, right?

Seeing a million balloons flying in the air at once sounds and looks awesome, but in practice, it is something that leaves litter EVERYWHERE. In the instance of Balloonfest, parts of Cleveland were shut for hours at a time, popped balloons were left all over Lake Erie, and it resulted in at least one lawsuit against United Way, the charity that set up the whole stunt.

Being that this is the Internet, someone was quick to remind Kipnis of the "spectacle that became a debacle" as John Kroll of The Plain Dealer put in 2011. Immediate regret followed.

As usual, the official Indians Twitter account was right there with the perfect GIF for the situation.

And thus Cleveland Balloonfest 2.0 died before it even began. RIP 2016-2016.