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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: Mike Clevinger, Mark Shapiro, and Ian Kennedy

Plus what it's like to be the lone writer who voted for the "other guy" in year-end awards voting.

Mark Shapiro is now President of the Blue Jays, but might have been a part of the Cleveland Browns front office.
Mark Shapiro is now President of the Blue Jays, but might have been a part of the Cleveland Browns front office.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for being late: I spent most of the evening voting for Adam Plutko as much as I could. Because I most desperately want Matt to write the article about him on Monday.

Tribe News

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' Tribe predictions, Jesus Aguilar and my stupid vote -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

As always, Pluto's Sunday notes are well worth reading through in full. He talks about his dumbest awards vote in light of the controversy over the Griffey Hall of Fame vote. He also mentions the FanGraphs projections (in which the Indians win the 2016 AL Central). And also he notes that the Indians are still scrounging around for free agent relievers to bring to camp, as the Indians are lacking a bit in depth in that area.

Would Mark Shapiro have made a successful Cleveland Browns boss? Thursday Conversation follow-up |

I swear Zack Meisel wrote this article for my amusement. Thanks, Zack! The follow-up of course is in reference to an interview he did with Shapiro a couple days ago.

Mike Clevinger discusses comeback from surgery |

The LGT favorite talks about why things went really well for him in 2015 (with video).

MLB News

MLB benefits from a new Rays stadium, so it should help pay for it | and The Tampa Tribune

Subsidies for sports franchises has always played out like the Prisoner's Dilemma, with MLB happily playing the role of the cop, and of course the cities playing the part of the prisoner. Usually in the end the community ends up paying for the bulk of the stadium because of the threat of moving. That's how Jacobs/Progressive Field got built, as well as most other stadiums across the country. I don't see the Rays' situation any different, and so I don't see MLB acting any differently than they have in the past.

MLB notes: Royals, Kennedy reach 5-year deal - Sports

The Royals shore up their rotation somewhat. I'll talk more about this in Monday's weekly transactions post.

High School Draftees Permitted To Have Agent -

Previously high school players who hired an agent would lose their college eligibility, so instead they could only hire