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Sunday News and Notes: Detroit's Alfredo Simon dominates the Indians yet again.

Alfredo Simon has utterly dominated the Indians while being utterly dominated by everyone else in the AL.

Alfredo Simon has dominated the Indians this season.
Alfredo Simon has dominated the Indians this season.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

Cleveland Indians revert to ugly form in 6-0 loss - Let's Go Tribe

Danny Salazar, Cleveland Indians fall to Detroit Tigers, Big Pasta, 6-0 |

Cleveland Indians revert to ugly form in 6-0 loss - Let's Go Tribe

Sometimes a game isn't easily explained by their score, but in this case it is. Danny Salazar was rocked by the Tigers, and Alfredo Simon yet again mesmerized the Indians. Simon has an overall ERA of 4.86, but if it wasn't for his 1.50 ERA in 24 innings (4 starts) he might have the worst starter ERA in the AL. For reference, he has a 4.19 ERA (19.1 innings) against the White Sox, a 5.40 ERA (10.0 innings) against the Twins, and a 12.46 ERA (4.1 innings) against the Royals.

In contrast Danny Salazar has been owned by the Tigers. He's given up 16 runs in 22 innings against Detroit, most of those runs coming in two starts: 6 runs in 4.1 innings on June 23, and 6 runs in 3.2 innings last night.

Indians News

Indians Trevor Bauer has to grow as pitcher |

Some very frank comments from pitching coach Mickey Callaway on Trevor Bauer. Just one snippet (please read the rest at the link):

"It just kind of shows you that he doesn't quite know a lot about pitching yet. That's the way I take it," Callaway said of Bauer's assessment. "Everybody else in the room can look at the video and say, 'Those are not quality pitches.' And he thinks they are."

Bauer has perhaps the best stuff on this pitching staff, and that's saying something. But he's still very much a work in process, and a big part seems to be learning what his goals as a pitcher should be from at bat to at bat.

Carlos Carrasco scheduled to start Tuesday vs. White Sox: Cleveland Indians notes |

Some good news on the pitching front. Assuming Carlos Carrasco's shoulder feels good, he'll start the middle game of the series in Chicago.

MiLB News

Lowery, Brown keep R-Ducks playoff hopes alive | Akron RubberDucks News

The Ducks are two games behind Richmon with two games to play.

Baseball | Clippers win, remain tied for first in division | The Columbus Dispatch

The Clippers have already clinched a playoff berth, but still are trying to win their division. They are tied with Indianapolis with two games to play.

Hillcats 8, Mudcats 4 | News & Observer

Lynchburg has clinched a playoff spot (and now has Bobby Bradley).

Lake County Captains 5, South Bend Cubs 2: Bobby Bradley promoted

The Captains are playing out the string, as they were eliminated from playoff contention last week.

Latest 25-man/40-man Roster

(click here for embiggened version)

Sept 6 2015

Because the Clippers have made the playoffs, the Indians are done with the call ups until Columbus' season is over. And anyway, I don't think the Indians would use anyone else during a competitive game, with the possible exception of Tyler Holt against a left-handed pitcher.