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Cleveland Indians revert to ugly form in 6-0 loss

I watched this game so you don't have to.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Indians 0, Tigers 6

Box Score

Indians fall to 65-69


In today’s Game Thread, "The Bottom!" made the observation that this game felt like being back in April. That is a perfect analogy. This was the same limp offense and sloppy defense that we suffered through for a month to start the season. Every day is a new game and a new opportunity, but if this is the Tribe team we have going down the stretch run, it may be time to stick a fork in them. Several forks. On fire.

Granted, Jason Kipnis is suffering through a lingering shoulder injury, but he looked awful on defense tonight. On more than one occasion he was side-arming throws that resulted in Carlos Santana being pulled off the bag early in the game, then Francisco Lindor suffering the same fate later on (although he at least got the out). With his September numbers in an obvious slump, it looks more and more like he may have been rushed back from his injury or it is still hanging around for one reason or another.

Since returning on August 18, Kipnis is a batting mere .234/.279/.375 with one home run and consistently spotty defense.

Roberto Perez, giving Yan Gomes a rest behind the plate, had a nice defensive flub of his own when he made a poor decision to try and throw out Ian Kinsler at first while falling backward. Instead of a heroic, inning-ending out, his throw was nowhere near Carlos Santana and Kinsler advanced to second on the error.

The defense was no help to Danny Salazar, who looked off from the very first inning. After an easy one-pitch at-bat to get Rajai Davis out, Sal struggled with Ian Kinsler. The AB lasted 11 pitches and what felt like an eternity. It is hard to say that Salazar’s struggles can be pointed directly to the second batter of the game, but it certainly did not help. Once the second inning rolled around, Sal began to unwind -- first with a James McCann single that scored a run, then in the third inning with a J.D. Martinez 2-run home run. With no Indians offense to speak of, the game looked over early on.

As for the Indians offense, well there was none. Alfredo Simon (yes, that Alfredo Simon) had a no-hitter going in the sixth until Michael Brantley broke it up with a patented Dr. Smooth double. Had Simon continued the no-hitter, it would have at least made for an interesting decision. At that point, he was already up over 90 pitches, and he was having a difficult time getting hitters out efficiently. The worst part was, he could not throw a curveball for a strike to save his life. This was an already bad pitcher having an off night and he absolutely dominated the Indians lineup.

The Tigers defense did return the favor later on in the game with a couple errors of their own, but by then it was too late.Tribe go for the series win (or loss) tomorrow afternoon.

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