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Gavin Floyd is stoked about his return to the majors

Plus more on what position Lonnie Chisenhall will be playing in 2016, and how the Royals and GM Dayton Moore proved the haters wrong.

"It must be a slow news day if I'm the headline"
"It must be a slow news day if I'm the headline"
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There was no baseball last night, but today the Indians start a three game set against Detroit that could be the last series that matters this season. While you're contemplating baseball fate, have a look through this collection of baseball tidbits to bide the time:

Indians news & notes

Gavin Floyd on his return to the big leagues: "This is awesome" | - It's been a long road for Gavin Floyd as he's been working to return to the majors. So when he stood on the mound at Rogers Centre during Wednesday's game, he realized something the hadn't been so obvious to him over the past year: baseball is really fun.

Indians Inbox: Will Chisenhall start in right in 2016? | - Jordan Bastian takes questions from Tribe faithful around the globe, including thoughts on where The Chiz will play next year and what the fallout from Mark Shapiro's departure might be. I'm curious which one of you wrote the last question...

Top of lineup has revived Cleveland's offense and postseason hopes | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Playoff chances may be on life support after the series loss to Toronto, but the reason the Tribe was ever anywhere near striking distance is the surge at the top: Kipnis, Lindor, and Brantley. Those three have given the Indians a fighting chance, in addition to making the remainder of the season a lot more fun.

Tidbits from around MLB