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Which Cleveland Indians player would make the best NFL QB?

Super Bowl?!?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Cleveland needs a great quarterback.

It's been a long, long while since the Browns had a star quarterback and really have had only a few serviceable quarterbacks over the last fifteen-plus years. Just hearing names like Brandon Weeden, Brady Quinn, Jeff Garcia, Colt McCoy, and Charlie Frye have the ability to bring back plenty of painful memories for us Cleveland fanatics. Johnny Manziel and Josh McCown head the current depth chart and have plenty of issues themselves.

Maybe the Indians can help fix this mess.  The Tribe has a roster full of athletes who have elite skills that have the potential to somewhat transfer over to the football field.  Strong arms; check.  Good size; check.  Mobile; check.  Ability to read a defense; ummmmm.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite Indians and see how well they'd do as an NFL QB. Take notes Ray Farmer . . .

Corey Kluber

Positives: He's got a strong arm and very good size (6'4", 215 lbs), plus a cool demeanor.  His robot-like focus could help him pick apart defenses with Kosar-like efficiency.

Negatives: Kluber is not extremely mobile and nasty sliders have no value in the NFL.

Browns QB Comp: Bernie Kosar

Jason Kipnis

Positives:  He's mobile, a vocal leader, and a hard-nosed dirtdog of a guy who would never slide short of the first down sticks.

Negatives: The second baseman has size issues (5'11") and doesn't have a cannon for an arm.

Browns QB Comp:  Jeff Garcia

Danny Salazar

Positives: He's blessed with an extremely strong arm that would allow him to pull of any throw needed.  Deep corner route; check.

Negatives: Salazar has size issues (6'0") and possible touch issues (no way Greg Little catches Salazar's missiles).

Browns QB Comp: Brady Quinn

Yan Gomes

Positives: The catcher has a strong arm and extremely quick release, ready to snap out Aaron Rodgers like bb's at any time.

Negatives: Gomes is not very mobile and could be a sack-taking machine.

Browns QB Comp: Tim Couch

Francisco Lindor

Positives:  The 21-year-old is athletic and would be very elusive in the backfield.  Seemingly a natural leader, he'd run a fun huddle.

Negatives: Listed at 5'11" and 190 lbs (really?), Lindor would be very undersized, making Drew Brees look big.

Browns QB Comp: Seneca Wallace


Plenty of other Indians would have a chance to impress as well, including: Michael Brantley (Shane Falco), Zach McAllister (Trent Dilfer), and Ryan Raburn (Tebow).

While baseball and football are completely different games, a quick glance at a list of previous Browns quarterbacks will tell you that these Indians might actually have a chance.

So, which Tribe player do you think would be the best NFL quarterback?