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Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff rumored to be in line for promotions with Cleveland Indians

Silence continues after a raging argument about bunting.

Chris Antonetti, sitting with a man he should probably distance himself from.
Chris Antonetti, sitting with a man he should probably distance himself from.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Indians-Twins game was rained out. A doubleheader will be played today, starting at 4:10 ET. This increases the likelihood that Trevor Bauer is allowed to start a Major League Baseball game in the next week, so I'm ok with it.

Today's Pitching matchups:
Game 1: Carrasco vs Gibson
Game 2: Anderson vs Pelfrey

Onto the News and Notes

• Ken Rosenthal tweeted some cryptic news about Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff yesterday. The Phillies wanted to interview Chernoff but he is staying with the Indians, perhaps with a promotion similar to how Antonetti was kept a few years ago. Antonetti has said in the past that he is not interested in taking on Mark Shapiro's business responsibilities, but has never said he would not be open to a promotion.

• How much does Bryce Harper hustle? A lot!

• Speaking of running to first base, JB Shuck is the GOAT. On the other hand... Billy Butler.

• The Dodgers clinched THE __ ____ last night behind a Clayton Kershaw 1-hitter. Ho hum. Or not. Kershaw has struck out 294 batters this season (not a typo). It's the first time that the Dodgers have won 3 straight division titles.

• Harold Rosenberg was actually a baseball critic.

• Did you know Ryan Raburn has a .920 OPS? Because Tito doesn't.

• David Ortiz does not actually exist.

Tweets Section

And we end with some good news