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Cleveland adds Jesus Aguilar, CC Lee, Adam Moore; Designate Tyler Holt for Assignment

Tyler Holt was Designated for Assignment to make room for Adam Moore, because the Indians needed a third catcher (?)

Tyler Holt has been designated for assignment.
Tyler Holt has been designated for assignment.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With Columbus' season over, the Indians today recalled three more players, but in the process had to Designate Tyler Holt for Assignment:

These moves were probably worked out way ahead of time, but even so, designating an outfielder on a day when Mike Aviles is starting in left field doesn't seem to make sense. Aguilar and Lee were already on the 40-man, so it was Moore that triggered the Holt DFA.

So why bring up a third catcher now?

Really? The reason managers and GMs give for having a third catcher on the roster is related to fear of not having a backup in case of injury. Usually your backup catcher is pinch-hit for in late-game situations, and if your starting catcher would happen to get hurt, you'd have to use another position player at a very specialized position. But the reason Francona gave doesn't make sense in this instance. He wanted a third catcher so that Perez could be the designated hitter. Given how the roster looks right now, I could see putting both catchers in the lineup, but even so, the risk of having to use a third catcher is astonishingly small. If Yan Gomes would happen to get hurt, you could still move Perez to catcher, forego the DH, and use pinch-hitters for the pitcher's spot once the game got into the late innings.

Even so, the Indians have Michael Martinez up here to play outfield in case of injury, so the point is moot. Mike Aviles is playing left field tonight despite having a competent backup outfielder on the roster, so there's no reason to assume Francona would have gone with Holt over Aviles, either.