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Which team will lose fewer games between now and October 4, the Indians or Browns?

Place your bets.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians are red hot right now and in the midst of a playoff hunt. The Cleveland Browns, well, they’re not. That is not to say the Browns won’t eventually recover and reach a respectable .500 or above record, but right now things do not look good.

So, putting these two up against each other, which of them is bound to lose more games between now and the end of baseball’s regular season on October 4?

Being that they only play once a week, the Browns road to victory is obviously easier. All they have to do is manage not to lose all of their next three games while simultaneously hoping the Indians lose at least four or more out of 17.

On paper, the Browns have a relatively easy schedule to start the year. They play the Tennessee Titans in Week 2, the Oakland Raiders in Week 3, and the San Diego Chargers in Week 4. All teams that are 14th or lower in the SBNation NFL Power Rankings. However, keep in mind the Dawgs just lost 31-10 to the New York Jets, who are ranked 25th. Anything is possible with the Browns here.

As for the Indians, they have won seven out of their last ten games, and if they have any chance of making the playoffs it would require a huge winning streak right now. Not only are they fighting for their playoff lives at the moment, but their schedule is finally letting up a bit after playing four against the AL Central-leading Kansas City Royals. After finishing up their series against the Royals tonight, the Indians face the Chicago White Sox, the Minnesota Twins, the Royals again, the Twins again, and then wrap the season up with a three-game series against the lowly Boston Red Sox.

In total, the Tribe plays 17 games between now and season’s end. At worst, assuming the Browns drop their next three, the Indians could lose three and we’d call this little experiment a draw. If the Indians manage to lose fewer than three games from here on out, not only will they win my dumb contest, but it would also likely put them in a great position for a playoff spot.