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Corey Kluber to make glorious return to Cleveland Indians rotation on Thursday

Seems like I always get the news and notes on the day following Tito-driven losses.

See? Glorious.
See? Glorious.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

• Corey Kluber is returning to the Indians rotation Thursday. So not only will the Indians have pitchers who are pitching like aces, they'll actually have theirs back on the mound.

• The Indians will call up more players once MiLB playoffs end. Perhaps a third catcher so Roberto Perez can be used more freely in PH situations?

• Bryan Shaw has been really effective against left-handed hitters this season. August Fagerstrom looks at why. Too bad Shaw isn't 2013shaw any more. Overuse gonna getcha.

• Last night was the second pro sports #FireworksGate of 2015. Alex Rios hit a home run at progressive Field and the celebrations operator accidentally hit the fireworks button. He got booed, felt sad, and set up a fitting metaphor for the rest of the night. At least nobody lost any fingers this time.

• People from the Indians front office continue to be in demand. This time, it's Ross Atkins. He will interview for the Angels GM job.

• Michael Brantley is MLB's LF leader in Good Play/Misplay Ratio

• Francisco Lindor and Jason Kipnis have identical wOBAs and wRC+es.

• Vin Scully was not pleased with Colorado's effort last night. As always, he's the best.

• Ken Rosenthal takes a look at the impact Yoenis Cespedes has had on two ballclubs. Rosenthal also tweeted this:

The Rangers passing the Astros in the AL West last night can't hurt.

Now another Lindor tweet: