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Trevor Bauer's Twitter is pretty awesome

@BauerOutage is great for Indians fans, and baseball fans in general.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is in an unprecedented age of fans being able to communicate with their favorite players whenever they want thanks to social media, Twitter in particular. For some superstars with big personalities, this has resulted in them having their Twitter accounts mostly stripped of personality and instead ran by a PR agency or at the very least filtered through someone who is not the player so they do not say something "offensive." (see: Bryce Harper)

However, for Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, Twitter has become a sounding board for anything and everything that is on his mind. At times he has gotten a bit confrontational and lashed out at fans, which resulted in some backlash, but the great thing is that you can really tell it’s Trevor.

He shares in fan’s frustrations and their joys, and we even get a peek at his own drone obsession through Twitter.

His latest tweet is a request for MMA fighter Ronda Rousey to give him a few pointers in case anyone tries to charge the mound. As Trevor says, there is no one better to learn how to win a fight in under 20 seconds from, and considering the Indians play in the same division as the Kansas City Royals, fighting skills are probably a necessity.

He also recently took a jab at Danny Salazar who "only" went eight innings in his last start after Bauer, Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco all went the distance.

I get the MLB’s desire to keep superstars under wraps so they do not create controversies about themselves, but it is important to let players keep their own personalities. Outside of statistics and accomplishments on the field, the biggest stars are remembered for those personalities. At a time  when those personalities are most apparent and easiest to see, it seems counter intuitive for MLB teams and players to try so hard and hide them.

All I’m saying is, if you have not followed Trevor yet, it is worth doing. Support one of the players that actually get to still have a personality on social media. And look, he’s even a fan of LGT! (Okay, maybe not... but maybe so!)