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Cleveland Indians emoji are now a thing that exists, and they are kind of terrifying.

Stare into the soulless eyes of emoji Corey Kluber and weep.

Original photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Original photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Like it or not, emoji are the fad that will not stop taking over social media. The Cleveland Indians know this and frequently use them on their own Twitter account during games. Furthermore, the Tribe have created a set of eight emoji based on players faces – and they all look kind of horrifying. Maybe it's just me, but all emoji look a little strange to begin with, and even more so when they are based on actual people.

They range from Yan Gomes, whose mouth is blocked by his catcher’s mask, but you can see the fear and desperate calls for help in eyes to Carlos Carrasco, who looks like he would murder you in the middle of a text message. But best of all is Corey Kluber. We already know the Klubot is an emotionless android of pitching destruction, so at least his zombie-like emoji fits him well.

The Indians posted directions on how to "download" them, which is not a whole lot more than copy and pasting and/or downloading the images to put into your text messages or social media posts. But if you are really desperate for a soulless Michael Brantley emoji to be part of your conversations with friends, it might be worth the few extra steps.

You can grab the emoji, and follow the super simple instructions, over at the Indians own site.