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Danny Salazar scratched from his scheduled start tonight for the Cleveland Indians

Feel better, champ.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Salazar has been scratched from his scheduled start against the Los Angeles Angels Friday night, due to an illness. Trevor Bauer will start in his place.

There are not more specific details on the illness at this time, but presumably it is not something especially serious. Bauer was scheduled to start Saturday's game, but with the team having been off on Thursday, he can go tonight while still being on full rest. It's possible Salazar will be feeling better by morning, and will just swap games with Bauer, otherwise Corey Kluber would likely move up from Sunday's game to tomorrow's.

In any event, this is a big series for the Indians. The Angels are currently half a game out of the second Wild Card spot, but might be considered the favorites to ultimately win that spot. In any event, they're one of the teams the Indians will need to catch if they're going to overcome the (now very long) odds and make the postseason. (The Indians are currently 5 games behind the Rangers.)

Losing this series would extinguish almost all of whatever slim hope remains, but if the Indians can win the series, they'll enter the final five weeks of the regular season with a fighting chance.