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Red Sox manager John Farrell will begin chemotherapy Tuesday; Terry Francona will be with him

Tito will be there for his friend.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 lymphoma. Doctors have told him his condition is "highly curable," and he will miss the rest of the season in order to undergo treatment. As a major component of that treatment, Farrell will begin Chemotherapy Tuesday in Boston. 

His old friend Terry Francona will be there with him.

Farrell and Francona became friends when they were teammates with the Indians in 1988. Prior to the 2007 season, while Francona was manager of the Red Sox, he had Farrell join the team as the pitching coach. The two worked together in that capacity for four seasons, until Farrell was hired to manage the Toronto Blue Jays.

By 2013 Francona had been let go by the Red Sox and (after a year away from managing) been hired by the Indians. Farrell was brought in to lead Boston after the failed Bobby Valentine experiment.

This has been a frustrating season on the field for the Indians, but off the field they have displayed wonderful character. The front office refused to trade Mike Aviles because it would mean taking him away from his family while one of his daughters fights leukemia, and now Francona will be there for his friend. Ultimately as Tribe fans, I know that what we want to see is the Indians win a World Series, but I think there's a lot to be said for rooting for good people, and Cleveland seems to have those in spades.