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Could Chris Johnson actually make a difference?

He is the physically manifestation of addition by subtraction, but perhaps he could also be an addition by addition

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Hi there, LGTers! It's good to be back, despite the fact that I don't recognize half the dudes on the team anymore. I'm busy over here trying to figure out what an Abraham Almonte is, but in the meantime, here's what's going on around baseball:

Yesterday's game: Yankees 8, Indians 6

Trevor Bauer had another rough outing, once again running into problems with the longball, and the Tribe's offense just couldn't make it up. Good to see things are just as I've left them.

Indians news & notes

Johnson showing trade could be better than initially thought | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - It seemed like enough that Chris Antonetti somehow managed to find a team willing to accept Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher in a trade, but could Chris Johnson actually turn into something decent? In a SSSS, he's off to a good start in Cleveland, and he may also benefit from the availability of the DH role in the AL.

Top 10 second half surprises since 2005 | Burning River Baseball - The raging fire of Abraham Almonte and Chris Johnson brings to mind some of the other great second half acquisitions/call-ups of the past decade - legends like Joe Inglett and Russ Canzler (but also some good players).

Are the days of trying to wear down the opposing starter numbered? | - Back in the olden days - or something - the idea was to try to get to an opposing team's starter quickly so you could feast on the soft underbelly of a team's bullpen. But with offense down and bullpen talent in abundance, that strategy might be going out of style.

Tidbits from around MLB