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Josh Tomlin will be called up to join the Cleveland Indians rotation on Saturday

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

With Cody Anderson on the DL, the Indians will turn to Josh Tomlin on Saturday in Minnesota. I know he has his critics "on this site," but it could be worse; we could be as desperate as that other Cleveland team.

Speaking of Cody, August Fagerstrom looked for comparisons for Mr. Anderson yesterday. Good stuff.


The Indians beat the Yankees in 16 innings last night. Here's the LGT recap.


• Carlos Carrasco's scoreless streak ended at 22 innings.

• Here's Fagerstrom with a Statcast post on Giovanny Urshela's crazy play last night.


• We're not the only ons who have been impressed by Lonnie Chisenhall's transition to right field. We raised this scenario roughly a year ago because he seemed to fit well out there, so it's nice to see it working well. And it's also nice seeing Giovanny Urshela proving to be a huge defensive upgrade at third.

• The Padres signed Bud Norris, which is something I hoped we would do. He could have swung back and forth between our SP5 hole and the bullpen. We could have worked in a 2016 club option that we could have picked up if he pitches well.

• Trevor Bauer is a finalist for the 2015 Bob Feller Act of Valor Award.

• Jason Kipnis and his teammates bought this "painting" for Corey Kluber to show how much they appreciate having him around.

• CBS Sports held a gimmicky "Dodgeball Draft;" Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco were not selected. Worry not, at least they didn't lose out to Omar Infante.

• Marcus Stroman is making remarkable progress in his return from injury.

• The Brewers will no longer have Doug Melvin as their general manager. He was probably essentially fired, even if it isn't worded that way.

• Now, before we find out what it takes to throw out a stealing Brett Gardner, someone linked the Blue Jays SBN's Indians-Yankees thread and if you have time to kill, I recommend it. Enjoyed the heck out of it.