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Some of Nick Swisher's Cleveland Indians teammates weren't sad to see him go

Though no one is going on the record, Swisher's departure seems to have relieved some of his former teammates.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

A number of Cleveland Indians players weren't broken up seeing Nick Swisher traded away. No one is quoted on the record, but Swisher having worn out his welcome to some extent is one of many interesting bits of information in a piece by's Zack Meisel who writes, "(Swisher's) relentless enthusiasm wore on members of the clubhouse..."

Swisher spent most of this season on the DL (and hit just .198 with 2 home runs in 11 plate appearances when he was active), and was away from the team for stretches, including the last couple weeks before he was dealt to Atlanta, but he was with the team a lot, going on a number of road trips in addition to being there for most games in Cleveland.

When Swisher and Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe ahead of the 2013 season, their large paychecks and veteran status may have given them something of a different position on the team. Swisher certainly embraced the idea of being a leader, and coming off a terrible 2012 season, his energy may have provided a boost. Certainly he deserves credit for having had a great September that year, playing a huge part in the team's charge to the postseason.

His production collapsed in 2014 though, and at some point his ceaseless enthusiasm and efforts to motivate may have transformed into an irritant to at least some of his teammates. That isn't to say that leadership can only come from productive players, but Swisher's particular brand of leadership may have been abrasive coming from a guy who wasn't pulling his own weight.