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Cleveland Indians rest and reflect after weekend of drama

In Tuesday's news & notes, the Bourn/Swisher deals are reviewed, the "Lonnie outfielder" experiment continues, and Clint Frazier explains his recent mechanical adjustments.

Reunited, and it feels so good ...  (Corey Kluber and Chris Johnson were teammates for two seasons at Stetson University.)
Reunited, and it feels so good ... (Corey Kluber and Chris Johnson were teammates for two seasons at Stetson University.)
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There was no game last night, allowing the team plenty of time to recover from the weekend's excitement before the Yankees arrive today.

Indians news & notes

Revisionist Swishtory | Major League Bastian
"The free agent stuff, sometimes it’s a little bit of a crapshoot," Indians manager Terry Francona said earlier this week. "That was one of the things I think we had really hung our hat on, was the level of consistency both guys had had."

Dealing Swisher and Bourn was a start, but there's plenty of work left to do for the Cleveland Indians |
Zack Meisel looks at where the Tribe goes from here.

Lonnie Chisenhall proving himself in outfield |
Jordan Bastian reviews the first couple of weeks of the "new" Lonnie.

Toe tap sends Clint Frazier on a tear | News-Herald
Justin Lada investigates Frazier's terrific recent turnaround, which has resulted in him being named the Carolina League "player of the week" award for the second time in four weeks: "I went back to using a toe tap. It’s a bit modified," Frazier said. "Doing that has helped me pick up pitches and allowed me to get more comfortable in the box ... I don’t know why I went away from it. I went back to it and it works."

Arizona League mid-season top 20 performers | Minor League Ball
If you've never heard of the Tribe's Arizona League CF prospect, check this out: "Gabriel Mejia is hands down the best prospect in the AZL in 2015."

Tidbits from around MLB

Blue Jays’ record catches up to expectations | The New York Times
Believers in run differentials will be pleased to see that the Blue Jays have recently been catching up with their Pythagorean expectation, but the prognosis for the Cubs doesn't look anything like as good.

Comebacks that can make a difference | Sports on Earth
Andrew Simon looks at ten injured players who can impact the MLB playoff race.

The Phillies are on fire for some reason | FanGraphs
If the Phillies are supposed to be tanking, they aren't making a very good job of it.