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Where does Nick Swisher go from here?

Place your bets, bro!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Swisher has not been a productive hitter this season.  The 34-year-old Swisher is currently rehabbing left knee inflammation and has been on the disabled list since June 14th. While he was in action, Swisher sported a slash line of .198/.261/.297 (.558 OPS) in 103 at bats.  Those are far from good numbers, and his wRC+ of 57 ranks in the bottom 10% of all players with at least 100 plate appearances.  So the future doesn't look very good, right?

There was a time in the not so distant past whereby Swisher was more than adequate at the plate.  His OPS' from 2009-2012 read .869, .870, .822, and .837.  That's darn good.  2013 was his first season with the Tribe and Swisher was decent enough, with an OPS of .763 and 22 home runs.

Can he rebound and be productive again?  Is he totally done and Jason Giambi like?

Let's have some fun and look at some prop bets and odds on the rest of Swisher's 2015 season:

Finishes with a batting average under .200 (4 to 1)

He's never finished a major league season below .208 (last year, sadly)

Hits more than 5 home runs in the second half of the season (6 to 1)

Swisher is sitting at a two homers so far this year and hit only eight last year (I smell a trend).

Finishes with an OPS of over .650 (8 to 1)

Yep, last year was his worst OPS ever, coming in at a lowly .608.

Gets at least 250 plate appearances total (8 to 1)

There's no official timetable for Swisher's return and if the Tribe struggles to stay in the postseason race, I'd guess the club would prefer to play their younger players in late August and September.

Steals at least 1 base (15 to 1)

Sucker's bet.

Which Swisher props stand out to you?  Which odds would you cash in on?  And how do you think Nick Swisher's 2015 ends up playing out?