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Indians trade rumors: Cubs among teams still talking to Indians about Carlos Carrasco

We know Chris Antonetti would have to be bowled over to move Carrasco... Other GMs are lining up to take their best shot.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians continue to be in talks with multiple teams, including the Chicago Cubs, about a potential deal for Carlos Carrasco before today's 4:00 ET trade deadline. There were scouts from a number of teams at last night's game in Oakland, and they had to love what they saw, given that after a pair of hits in the 1st inning, Carrasco held the A's hitless over the final eight frames on his way to a complete game victory.

Carrasco's ERA is a modest 4.03, but GMs can see past that, looking at his peripherals, which show him to be one of the better arms in baseball right now. His 2.83 FIP ranks 6th in the American League, and his 9.9 strikeouts per 9 innings rank 4th.

The Cubs were a trendy pick for a postseason spot, while others thought they were still a year away. They are currently only 2 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot, so it makes sense for them to try and add talent. They're likely looking for more than a rental though, because I'm sure they still view the next couple years as their better opportunity. They also have more position player talent than pitching, all of which makes Carrasco a fantastic fit for them.

Carrasco signed an extension this spring that keeps him under team control through 2020. He's guaranteed just $19 million from 2016 through 2018, and his contract includes a $9 million team option for 2019, and a $9.5 million team option for 2020. His contract makes him among the most valuable commodities in baseball.

For that reason, it strikes me as unlikely that the Indians will move him, but of course it makes sense to listen to offers. The Cubs have one of the strongest farm systems in baseball right now, including some players ready to contribute next season, and so it's possible they could make the sort of offer that makes sense for the Tribe to consider strongly.

Buckle up for trade deadline day, people, it could be a wild one.