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MLB trade deadline day tracker for all deals and rumors

Lots of rumors, lots of action. What big deals are going down today?

David Murphy and Brandon Moss, Indians no more. WIll anyone else be leaving the Tribe today?
David Murphy and Brandon Moss, Indians no more. WIll anyone else be leaving the Tribe today?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

OK, folks. It's now 10 am, just six hours before the MLB trade deadline. For teams looking to either improve their teams or offload unwanted parts, this is the best chance to do so until November.

As 4 pm approaches, some GMs may even be pushed to a near state of panic ... if they don't get it right today, when the music stops at the end of the season, they may be left wondering what happened to their chair.

Here are some tasters to get you started:

  • Carlos Carrasco has been linked to the Cubs and Red Sox today. For all the info/discussion on that particular rumor, please go here.
  • Not content with trading David Price and Joaquin Soria yesterday, the Tigers are rumored to be looking to offload several other players, most notably Yoenis Cespedes, but also Rajai Davis, Alfredo Simon, and possibly others.
  • Will the White Sox make a late decision to trade Jeff Samardzija? Or go completely the other way by "buying" either Cespedes or Justin Upton?
  • Can the D-backs manage to consummate their long-rumored trade for Reds' closer Aroldis Chapman?
  • And what about that other great closer, Craig Kimbrel? Is he perhaps headed to the Astros or Yankees? Other Padres pitchers like James Shields and Tyson Ross are reportedly on the market too.
  • Will OF Gerardo Parra be following Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers out of Milwaukee, and is fellow OF Jay Bruce perhaps joining the exodus from the Reds, perhaps to the Mets?
  • Where will RHP Yovani Gallardo (Rangers) end up? The Cubs, Blue Jays, Yankees and Dodgers have all been linked to him.
  • And on the subject of the Cubs, will they manage to trade SS Starlin Castro?

Whatever, happens, it's sure to be a fast and furious day. So buckle up and let's go Tribe!

Please note: We're actually going to break with convention here and use the subject line for today's rumors and announcements.
Feel free to jump in and post them yourself if you see that no one else has mentioned one yet — please just put the teams and key players involved into the subject line, also with either "DONE DEAL" or "rumor" so that everyone can follow what's going on more easily.
Naturally, if you're responding to something someone else said, or just making a regular comment, not sharing a rumor or transaction, you'll refrain from using the subject line, as per usual.