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Cody Anderson next in line to be let down by offense as Cleveland Indians face Royals

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Royals @ Cleveland Indians

Saturday, July 27th, 7:10 ET, Progressive Field


Radio: WTAM


A new series is a new opportunity? At least that is the best we can hope for the Cleveland Indians heading into their series against the Kansas City Royals. The Tribe are coming off four straight losses to the Chicago White Sox (three of were not even contests), and on the mound to help facilitate a turnaround will be fifth starter, Cody Anderson.

Over his first four starts, Anderson looked great. So great, in fact, that it was obvious he was going to regress extremely hard, which he did in his last start. In only 2.2 innings against the Milwaukee Brewers, Mr. Anderson allowed four runs on 10 hits and only struck out one batter. I don’t think he is quite that bad, but we will likely see something between that and his stellar first four outings tonight against the Royals.

How this game (and the series) progresses will likely dictate the Indians narrative for a large part of the remainder of their season. After Terry Francona’s team meeting – in which things apparently got a little heated – we will be able to see if a team meeting "really has an effect" or not. Whether or not it does, if the Indians can manage to go from being blown out against the White Sox to dominating against the Royals it will certainly look like it.

Today's Lineups

Alcides Escobar - SS Jason Kipnis - 2B
Mike Moustakas - 3B Francisco Lindor - SS
Lorenzo Cain - CF Michael Brantley - LF
Eric Hosmer - 1B David Murphy - DH
Kendrys Morales - DH Carlos Santana - 1B
Salvador Perez - C Brandon Moss - RF
Alex Rios - RF Yan Gomes - C
Omar Infante - 2B Michael Bourn - CF
Jarrod Dyson - LF Giovanny Urshela - 3B
Edinson Volquez - RHP Cody Anderson - RHP

Let's go Tribe!