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Indians lose 2-1 to White Sox, get swept in four-game home series

Other than that, everything went well this weekend.

Kind of appropriate that Slider was joined by three mascots whose teams are also going to miss the playoffs.
Kind of appropriate that Slider was joined by three mascots whose teams are also going to miss the playoffs.
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White Sox 2, Indians 1

Box Score

Indians fall to 45-52

Danny Salazar allowed two runs (one of those runs scored after he left the game) in 6.2 innings. He pitched well, but unfortunately for this club, pitching well isn't going to result in a team win. Because the offense once again was awful. Sure, you could say that Carlos Rodon was a talented pitcher (he is) and the White Sox made a couple very nice defensive plays (they did), but scoring only 5 runs in four games is inexcusable for a modern-day offense, and I don't care whether the offense is down this year, or who is pitching for the opposition.

The one run the Indians scored came in the ninth, after Avasail Garcia misplayed a Giovanny Urshela fly ball, allowing Urshela to get to third base. Urshela would score on a groundout, but the team did no further damage against White Sox closer David Robertson.

With today's result the White Sox sweep the Indians, effectively ending any chances of Cleveland contending. Mathematically there's still a chance left to snare one of the Wild Card spots, but to do that the Indians would have to just about run the table against the teams ahead of them, and most of the American League is ahead of them in the Wild Card race. I'd expect the Indians to make a couple minor trades (David Murphy? Ryan Raburn?) before the deadline, or just stand pat. Trading Carlos Carrasco (or one of the other young pitchers) at this point doesn't make much sense when you could more easily get 2016 offensive help after the season. Because whatever player they'd get in a trade isn't going to help their chances of contention in 2015.

And apparently Terry Francona let the team have it after the game:

Good, but that's coming too late to make any difference.

Win Expectancy Chart

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