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Seven solid innings from Corey Kluber not enough; Cleveland Indians fall 6-0 to White Sox

Corey Kluber gets no run support, sky remains blue, water still wet.

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Cleveland Indians 0, Chicago White Sox 6

Box Score

Indians fall to 45-50


These Chicago White Sox look like a pretty great team, I hope they enjoy their impending playoff run oh wait never mind they’re well under .500.

Tonight was a night where nothing went right for the Tribe and even more so if your name happens to be Corey Kluber. Despite a rough-looking final line consisting of six earned runs, Kluber pitched a hell of a game for seven frames. It was not until things blew open in the eighth inning that his line, the night and maybe the Indians season sunk.

I spent all of last night’s recap (which was a game with similar results) talking about the White Sox success, but I am not doing that tonight. I am not going to mention the fact that Alexei Ramirez went 3-for-4 with a great defensive play (again), or that Melky Cabrera killed Tribe pitching (again). Nope. Instead, let’s just talk about how awful the Indians were.

Kluber made it through seven innings allowing only one run on a wild pitch that scored Alexei Ramirez and a solo home run by Jose Abreu. Other than that, he struck out seven batters and scattered eight hits. The real trouble for Kluber came in the eighth inning when he gave up a hit to Adam Eaton, a single to Tyler Saladino and a Melky Cabrera double to score them both.

After a little patented Terry Francona bullpen switcherooing, Bryan Shaw ultimately came in and was the final nail in the "let Corey Kluber down tremendously" coffin by giving up a double to Ramirez that scored Cabrera and Abreu – both runners for which Kluber was responsible. This is going to go down as one of dozens (at LEAST) games where Kluber looked great for the majority of the contest but the rest of the team looked like straight garbage.

Offense, defense, bullpen, baserunning, everything looked bad tonight. The coup de grace of awfulness came early on in the third inning when Jason Kipnis was caught over-running second base on a ball hit directly to shortstop by Michael Brantley. It was a hit that Kipnis had no business trying to make it to third on anyway, yet here we are.

As a fan of seeing young players make debuts, seeing Jesus Aguilar make his first appearance of the season was fun at least. He looked fine defensively at first base and went 1-for-3 with two strikeouts, which feels about a best-case scenario for him.

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