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Trade deadline deals heating up as Tribe keeps losing

Scott Kazmir is the first major player to swap teams, but there's been a lot of other trade deadline activity

Kazmir heads to Houston to bolster a rotation led by Cy Young candidate Dallas Keuchel
Kazmir heads to Houston to bolster a rotation led by Cy Young candidate Dallas Keuchel
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For all intents and purposes, this may be the Tribe's last meaningful weekend of the season. A series loss to the White Sox could be the nail in the coffin. But hey, why dwell on that when there's a fresh edition of News * Notes waiting for you?

Yesterday's game: White Sox 8, Indians 1

OK, I misled you. Let's dwell some more. The Indians sucked in virtually all aspects of the game last night, including Trevor Bauer who had a bit of a meltdown. Not a good start to a critical series.

Indians news & notes

Which type of contact is affecting Indians hitters the most? | Waiting For Next Year - The Indians have the league's fourth worst batting average on hard-hit balls, but is it all bad luck, or is there something else to the story? Michael Bode takes a deep dive into the stats to show that hitting the ball softly less often might actually be more helpful than hitting the ball hard more often.

Bauer pleads sanity, but isn't sure what is ailing him on the mound | - Trevor Bauer and Terry Francona talk about what went wrong for Trevor after three solid innings last night, and Trevor admits he isn't sure what to make of his increased HR rate this year.

Cody Allen and Bryan Shaw back to dominating late innings | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - The season started off shaky for the Tribe's backend dynamic duo, leading to questions about whether they were overworked last season. Their performance of late has them back where they and Tribe fans want them to be.

Terry Francona on Danny Salazar's futile attempt at batting | - Danny Salazar has struck out in every at-bat of his major league career. Tito takes a minute to publicly call him out and talk about how abjectly terrible he is.

Tidbits from around MLB