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Trevor Bauer roughed up in Cleveland Indians 8-1 loss to White Sox

What are must wins games?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Indians 1, Chicago White Sox 8

Box Score

Indians fall to 45-49


If this game against the Chicago White Sox was really a "must win" game for the Cleveland Indians, then I have some bad news. We are screwed. Trevor Bauer looked bad, the bullpen looked bad, the offense looked bad and Melky Cabrera looked awesome. This recipe for a bad day culminated in the Tribe being dominated for nine solid innings by their division rival.

This was a game of two struggling offenses, so something had to give. It is just unfortunate that the cards did not fall on our side of the table.

Like most of his poorer starts, Bauer did not look too bad early on, instead he had one bad at-bat at imploded from there. He more or less sailed through the first three innings, striking out two and walking one. It was not until the fourth inning where things went off the rails for the 24-year-old, and they went off fast. Melky Cabrera kicked off the inning with what would end up being the first of two home runs on the night. Bauer followed that up by giving up hits to Jose Abreu and Avisail Garcia then a big three-run home run to Alexei Ramirez.

An inning later, in the fifth, Adam Eaton lead off in similar fashion with a solo home run of his own, but luckily Bauer was able to work his way out of the inning without more damage being done. But by that point – with the Indians down 4-0 and Jeff Samardzija absolutely rolling through the offense – there was not a lot of hope left.

Kyle Crockett came in for his ninth relief appearance of the year in the eighth inning and was even less effective than Bauer. This deep into a losing effort the stakes were not very high for the young reliever, so it was nice to see him get some action, but he left everything up in the zone and everything got hammered up into the air. First it was Tyler Saladino hitting in Geovany Soto with a sacrifice fly, then Melky Cabrera completed his two home run night with a two-run shot to put the White Sox up 8-1.

This was just a miserable game to watch altogether, but Francisco Lindor continues to be impressive. His defense was spectacular as always, including an impossible-looking grab when it did not really matter in the ninth inning, and a few difficult plays that he made look routine that he seems to have every night.

Lindor’s bat continues to heat up as he went 2-for-4 with an RBI. This is his fourth multi-hit game in five games, and his 11th total of the season. Unfortunately, no one except Lindor did much offensively. Michael Bourn did manage two hits of his own and was hit in by Lindor for the Tribe’s only run, but Samardzija dominated the Indians by every definition of the word. David Murphy had the perfect opportunity to help the Indians by upping his trade value, but he instead went 0-for-3.

On the upside, with so few baserunners, the Indians did not have a chance to look terrible with runners in scoring position – instead they were 1-for-2. Silver linings!

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