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Indians won't trade Mike Aviles while his daughter battles leukemia in Cleveland

Good for the Indians.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Indians are receiving trade interest from other teams about veteran utility player Mike Aviles, but won't be sending him away while his 4-year-old daughter Adriana is receiving treatment for leukemia in Cleveland.

Aviles has tremendous defensive versatility, which is something many teams look for in their bench players. Aviles is also a veteran who has been well liked during each stop of his career, a player who has what is sometimes called good clubhouse presence. For those reasons it is not surprising that contending teams would be inquiring about his availability despite his fairly modest offensive skills.

Aviles has been away from the team for two brief stretches this season during especially important times during his daughter's battle, and it's possible he'll need to be away again. That he won't have to worry about being sent to a different city much be a relief.

Because professional athletes make so much money, most fans never consider that being traded is often a traumatic experience, between having to suddenly say goodbye to friends on the team, and either having to relocate your family on short notice or face even more time away from them than usual. Under normal circumstances, that's just part of the job, but Aviles and his family are not living under normal circumstances, and it is a credit to ownership and the front office that they would not consider placing any additional strain upon the family during this time.