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While Cleveland Indians rest, Josh Tomlin and Nick Swisher rehab

In Tuesday's news & notes, Josh Tomlin and Nick Swisher made key rehab appearances, while Francisco Lindor's first month is put under the microscope.

On the comeback trail ... again
On the comeback trail ... again
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As the Tribe enjoyed a well-deserved rest after Sunday's flawed epic, it was "rehab" day in the minors.

Having undergone shoulder surgery in April, Josh Tomlin made his first AAA appearance of the year, cruising through four innings on 49 pitches at a cost of one run. Meanwhile, over at Lake County Nick Swisher was proving his mastery over Class A pitching with a couple of singles in his three ABs. Having being used as the DH yesterday, Swisher is going to be tried in the outfield tonight.

Indians news & notes

GM Chris Antonetti has no interest in trading Cleveland Indians starting pitchers |
"We'll be opportunistic," said Antonetti. "We'll be very open minded over the next couple of weeks." But not when he comes to starting pitchers, he added.

Indians impressed by Francisco Lindor's moxie |
Jordan Bastian reviews the early days of the Lindor "era".

"If you look at his overall numbers, they're not indicative of the at-bats he's had," (hitting coach) Ty Van Burkleo said. "He's had a lot of hard luck. In that amount of at-bats, his stats are a lot lower than what they could be. ... But he hasn't let it affect him or get him trying to do more."

The Cleveland Indians and their enduring struggle with runners in scoring position |
For whatever reason, the Tribe can't hit with RISP. Rinse, repeat...

Indians at crossroads of good pitching, poor defense | FOX Sports
C.J. Nitkowski believes that the Tribe should be looking to trade Santana and Moss, although why he imagines that Santana could DH for the Tigers when they have just spent $68MM on Victor Martinez is beyond me.

Tidbits from around MLB

2015 trade value: the bottom five | FanGraphs
Swisher and Bourn don't warrant a mention, which tells you a lot about how bad some of these big contracts really are.

The three keys to Zack Greinke’s scoreless streak | FanGraphs
In the words of Geinke himself: "Just not making a bunch of mistakes and making good pitches." Simple.

Slot this: Examining two puzzlers following an otherwise unsurprising MLB Draft signing deadline day | Grantland
Michael Baumann adds his voice to the chorus slamming the D-backs: "$1.7 million is a trivial amount in baseball economics writ large, but it’s a fortune in bonus pool money. It’s the slot for a pick in the mid-30s. It’s the equivalent of having a late first-round pick and saying, "Nah, we’d rather not have a player of that quality than have him and pay him," because either by bad planning or cheap management, that’s what happened to Arizona."

Kris Medlen completes comeback from second Tommy John surgery, joins the Royals’ bullpen | HardballTalk
Medlen was once a pretty useful starter, but he is in the pen for now. As if that bullpen needs reinforcements...

Building baseball’s popularity in Brazil | Hardball Times
Baseball is slowly increasing its profile in the land that brought you Yan Gomes. Apparently, it was the Japanese who were most influential in introducing the game over there, starting back in the early 1900s.