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Mike Leake beats the Indians with his arm and hit bat

He pitched 6 innings, he doubled and drove in 3 runs. He was probably also handing out Kool-Aid and cookies afterwards.

The weather literally and figuratively overshadowed the Indians on the field.
The weather literally and figuratively overshadowed the Indians on the field.
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Reds 6, Indians 1

box score

Indians fall to 42-47


If it hadn't been for Mike Leake, the firepower would have belonged solely to the thunderstorms that swept across Southwestern Ohio for the duration of the evening. It lightninged and thundered, scorching across the screen and rumbling the on field mics. Unfotunately, the Cleveland Indians didn't do anything remotely like that.

It isn't every day that you're beaten both offensively and defensively by a pitcher, but today was that day. Mike Leake went 6 innings allowing only a single run, while also driving in a run on what would a a great sacrifice bunt turned fielders choice along with with a 2-run double in the gap. The one hour and change rain delay in the 3rd might have typically driven the starting pitchers from the mound, but both remind in the game and Leake finished off a very quality start against an Indians offense that didn't look like it could find its footing.

The only run scored all night for the Tribe came in the 6th with Leake nearing the end. Francisco Lindor led off with a single followed by a Michael Brantley double in the corner to setup the inning. But the best they could manage was a single run on a RBI groundout from Carlos Santana. Tribe hitters would only manage 6 hits on the night with 2 of them belonging to Brantley, both doubles. To compound matters, they were only able to walk twice as well. And when they could get runners on the bases, that is generally where they stayed, failing to get a hit with runners on base at any point.

Trevor Bauer didn't help the offense's case and you might contend that his performance essentially blew any chance the offense ever had, but in a run-friendly environment like Great American Ballpark, runs shouldn't be as difficult to come by. Early on, Trevor was done in by a solo HR to Marlon Byrd, that might not have been out in most ballparks, and some bad luck. Runners clogged the bases as slow ground balls were perfectly placed where fielders weren't. But that only explains away a few of the early runs, as the rest of the way Trevor struggled to find the dominant road pitcher he has been to this point. With the bases loaded in the 3rd he allowed a double in the gap to Leake, which would make it 4-0 Cincinnati. They would seal the scoring against Trevor in the 5th when Joey Votto clobbered a ball to dead center, over the wall.

The bullpen did a good job of holding down the fort as Jeff Manship, Austin Adams and Kyle Crockett stitched together 3 scoreless innings. Ryan Webb came on in the 9th and allowed a single to Billy Hamilton, would come around to score after a steal, an error on Yan Gomes and Giovanny Ursehla failing to hold him completely at 3rd on a groundball out. Gomes would lead off the bottom of the 9th with a double, but the offense couldn't do anything with it.

This wasn't the kind of outing we wanted to see out of the gate from our Tribe and they looked stuck in the proverbial, and actual, mud. While it seems to be a continuation of a growing trend, it's just a game and doesn't need to be the death knell that it could be seen as. Both the team and the fans would do well to remember that.

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