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Indians players and front office turn focus to second half and beyond

Looking back on Kipnis' amazing first half while looking forward to the trade deadline and into 2016

Could the Tribe ever find a taker for this dead weight?
Could the Tribe ever find a taker for this dead weight?
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The indians return to action today after a much-needed four-day break for most of the team. Not, the road to contention starts in earnest. Here's the news around MLB as we dive headfirst into the second half:

Indians news and notes

4 trade deadline targets who could fit for the Indians | - Zack Meisel looks ahead to the fast-approaching trade deadline, examining four bats that could fit in the lineup given the right price. Spoiler alert: one of them might make you yearn for Hollywood Squares.

Where should the Indians' front office focus now? | Burning River Baseball - With prospects for contention in 2015 looking grimmer and grimmer, it's anyone's guess what the FO's next move should be. But Joseph Coblitz thinks the team has a good enough core that the major focus should be on winning it all in 2016, rather than blowing it all up and rebuilding for 2017 and beyond.

Is Jason Kipnis the first half MVP? | Wahoo's On First - We all  know how good Kipnis has been this season, and there has been plenty of chatter that he may have a shot at the MVP award this year. But do the numbers back that up? Well, almost. But don't forget about that guy by the name of Mike Trout. He's pretty alright, too.

Aviles reinstated ahead of second half opener | - Mike Aviles will return from Family Medical Emergency leave in time for tonight's game. Jose Ramirez has been sent back down to AAA to clear a roster spot for Mike.

Are you frustrated Cleveland Indians fans? | Wahoo's On First - This article, detailing how the Indians seem like they should be better, is not particularly great. But I thought it was worth sharing for this particular metaphor re: Michael Bourn:

About ten years ago I bought a really nice riding mower – spent way more than I should have.  It developed an oil leak, and one day the engine just burned up.  It would have cost more to replace the engine than to buy a new riding mower, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it, because I had spent so much for it, and I knew I would look like an idiot when I got rid of it, so it just sat in my garage, taking up space, for two years.

I could get on board with "Riding Mower" as a new nickname for Bourn.

Tidbits from around MLB