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Cody Anderson's fastball has been a tremendous pitch for him so far

Anderson's fastball is good, very good.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Stats are incredible pieces of information. Some inspire dramatic decisions, such as moving in a stadium's fences for one goggle-eyed man.

Alex Cole stole 40 bases in the last ten weeks of 1990, which prompted the Indians' front office to move the outfield fences back to take advantage of his speed. Oddly enough, his defense was considered by many to be poor.  During spring training the next year, Cole tripped and injured his shoulder. He and the Tribe struggled greatly in 1991, and he ended up being traded in 1992.

I honor his legend with "Alex Cole and the Fences" (a great potential band name), a series of random and somewhat surprising stats for the Tribe and their affiliates, and a look what what the proper reaction to them would be, in the world of Alex Cole.

Cody Anderson's 8.8 weighted fastball value leads Tribe pitchers

While Anderson has only pitched 30 and 1/3 innings, an 8.8 pitch value is still a really strong number.  Just for comparison, Cody Allen's wFA value is second best on the team at 3.3; Corey Kluber is fifth at 0.9.

Alex Cole Reaction: Only throw fastballs Cody!

Reasonable LGT Reaction: Anderson's fastball is a plus pitch for him and while it may not rate that highly at the end of the year, it'll still be a positive value option for the right-hander.  Also of note,  Anderson's changeup is rated highly too, with a wCH of 3.5.  This guy might be okay for awhile Tribe fans.

The RubberDucks lead the Eastern League in ERA

Akron's team ERA of 3.00 is over half a run better than the Eastern League average. It's been helped greatly by strong performances from starters Mike Clevinger (2.72) , Adam Plutko (2.77) , and that Anderson guy from above (1.73).  Relievers Jeff Johnson (1.32) and Josh Martin (1.36) have also been extremely effective against Eastern League hitters.

Alex Cole Reaction: Call them all up to Cleveland!

Reasonable LGT Reaction: Clevinger has legitimate big league rotation potential with his power arm, while Plutko, Johnson, Martin, and others certainly could add depth down the road for the Indians.

Brandon Moss ranks 3rd in hard-hit rate among AL outfielders

Only the Tigers J.D. Martinez (45%) and the Angels Mike Trout (42%) have a higher hard-hit rate than Moss (38%).  Many commenters have complained about Moss' performance at the plate this year, but stats like this help show Moss has been putting good wood on the ball.

Alex Cole Reaction: Sign him to a big extension!

Reasonable LGT Reaction: Moss' .267 BABIP fits in well with the Indians hitters this season, but he's done plenty right and it's very reasonable to think he'll have a strong second half. We should be happy to have him.