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Being Good at Baseball Pays Off Again for Mike Trout; Indians Jason Kipnis 0-for-1 in ASG

Your Indians rep and MVP were not photographed together last night, but they were in 2014.

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"What's it like to be so great at baseball, Jason?"
"What's it like to be so great at baseball, Jason?"
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Welp. The ASG was last night, in case you hadn't heard. After 64 hours of pre-game clutter, the game finally started and immediately it was Mike Trout's night. The 2014 ASG MVP led off with a home run off of Zack Greinke, who hadn't allowed a run since like February 17th. Still hasn't, technically. In the bottom of the 5th inning, our hero Jason Kipnis entered the game defensively, but not before Trout scored another run in the top of that inning. Kipnis would bat the next inning, but unfortunately for him, it would be against Jacob deGrom.

And deGrom would make Kipnis look silly. Stephen Vogt and Joaquin Iglesias too. Judging by twitter, many people didn't realize it, but make batters look silly is what Jacob deGrom specializes in. That and being awkward while being interviewed by the banana-haircolored Erin Andrews.

Kipnis would get just that one AB; he was pinch hit for by Brian Dozier in the 8th. Dozier homered off the near-unhittable Mark Melancon in that AB.

Then Aroldis Chapman exchanged duckfaces with Mark Teixeira in the middle of blowing everybody away with his fastball. (pun not intended)

Chapman's low-leverage holding of a 6-2 deficit wasn't enough for the NL, as they would add just 1 more run and lose 6-3 to MVP Mike Trout's American League All-Stars. Trout became the first player to ever win back-to-back MVPs.

And so, 812 Royals helped to get home field advantage for the Indians should they succeed with O500100 II and the 60-plus games that follow.

Other things you may have missed:

• Harold Reynolds said that it's not too often that New York City, home to more than 20 million people, produces Major Leaguers.

• Ned Yost pinch ran Brock Holt for Mike Trout. And like like most of the dumb things Yost does, it worked. (Holt[!] stole second on a delayed steal then scored. [He probably would have scored eventually anyway, though.])


Fast, slow, high and low: the 10 most extraordinary Indians home runs from the first half... but does FastSlow HighLow hit 30 homerunz?

How Jason Kipnis became the leader of the Indians ... this feels so much better than "Jason Giambi: Leader of the Indians"

#31-40 in the always awesome Fangraphs Trade Value Series is up... our favorite Cookie is #39. Earlier on, Kipnis was 44 and Gomes was 43.

As I've been saying for months, the Indians "need for a right-handed bat" is completely overblown.

Terry Francona's bunch ranks sixth -- sixth! -- in the majors in OPS against left-handed pitching (.728). The Indians rank tied for third in on-base percentage against southpaws (.338) and wRC+

These 14 players from the 90s who are still playing baseball will have memories rushing back into your heart. (via Jason Buzzfardt)

If you want to delve further into the whole Dodgers-Puig conversation we had a couple weeks ago, this podcast is exactly what you're looking for. Now, mind you it's 2 hours long and took me nearly a full day to get through the whole thing, but it's worth it. And hilarious. Probably the best baseball podcast I've ever listened to, though, mind you, that's a contest with like 5 entries.


Over on the "Average Hit Velocity" leaderboard, Francisco Lindor is ahead of Jose Abreu and Chris Davis.