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Cleveland Indians place Mike Aviles on Family Medical Emergency list

Hope for the best.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians have placed Mike Aviles on the Family Medical Emergency list, effective immediately. Jose Ramirez has been recalled from Triple-A to fill the opening on the 25-man roster.

There is no official word on what led to the need for this move, but the most likely explanation is something involving Aviles' 4-year-old daughter, Adriana, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for juvenile leukemia, which she was diagnosed with in May, leading Aviles to miss ten games. His teammates (and many others who work for the Indians) shaved their heads in a show of solidarity with Adriana.

Aviles needing time away from the team again does not necessarily mean her health has taken a turn for the worse, but that was the first thought that crossed my mind. Hopefully it's something more relatively routine.

Perhaps understandably distracted, Aviles has struggled at the plate since returning from that first absence, with an OPS of just .579 in 36 games. Ramirez has done very well in Columbus since being sent down last month, batting .349/.415/.477, with 13 stolen bases in 28 games. He's spent time in both the infield and the outfield, as he prepares for a potential role as "super utility player" for the Tribe.

Thoughts, prayers, positive energy... Whatever you've got, send them to the Aviles family this weekend.