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Stellar first half means no more sleepless night for Jason Kipnis

Terry Pluto delves into Kip's resurgence and path to becoming the best 2B in the AL

How d'ya like me now, haterz?
How d'ya like me now, haterz?
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Tribe rolls on into the last series before the All-Star break. While it would have been nice to send a few more guys to the game, I'm sure none of them will be all that upset about not having to spend three days in Cincinnati. Here are some baseball related news items to distract you from disgusting, impure thoughts about Skyline "chili:"

Yesterday's game: Indians 3, Astros 1

The Tribe won its third in a row, thanks to some power from Francisco Lindor and another excellent outing from Cody Anderson. Mr. Anderson made history by once again allowing just one run over six and two thirds.

Indians news and notes

Indians watch Kipnis bounce back with a vengeance to be an All-Star | - Jason Kipnis had a monster 2013, but his 2014 was a huge disappointment. It left many wondering which year was more representative of the real Kip. Injury was a major contributor to his poor season, and being "part of the problem" weighed heavily on Jason, who signed a big extension just before last season. This year, he's the best second baseman in the AL. Terry Pluto says that's in large part due to Kip's refusal to be part of the problem. He worked hard to change his body, and adjust his swing. Now, he's having fewer sleepless nights and more multi-hit evenings.

Stellar curveball gives Allen his dominance | - The 17 saves don't indicate it, but Cody Allen has been one of the game's best relievers this year. Name the stat, and Cody is right up near the top of the leaderboards. At the core of it is is devastating curveball, which generates a swing and a miss 61% of the time.

Think Kluber is having a down year? Think again. | Crain's Cleveland Business - Echoing an emerging narrative about Corey Kluber, Crain's discusses how Klubot has been a top-10 pitcher this year, by any measure - except for wins and ERA.

Tomlin rehabbing, Chisenhall embracing versatility | - Josh Tomlin is set to make a rehab start for the Rubberducks today, working his way back from a shoulder injury. Not to jinx anything, but isn't it great the Indians haven't had to rely on a guy like Tomlin in the rotation this year? Speaking of being free from relying on mediocre players, Lonnie Chisenhall has been working hard to transition into Casey Blakedom. He made a start in right field recently for Columbus, even gunning down a runner at the plate.

Is it time to trust Trevor Bauer | CBS Sports - It's a fantasy baseball post (drink), so I was hesitant to link it, but it's an interesting analysis of why the Indians' greatly improved infield defense may not help Trevor Bauer.

Tidbits from around MLB