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Trading Jose Ramirez, dollar hot dogs, and more Indians Q & A

Remember, Ramirez is just 22 years old. Patience is a virtue.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Mailbag articles can be fun, but why not spice it up a little bit.

We Answer Wednesdays is where we answer the questions Tribe fans everywhere have been contemplating. Plus, there's some answers to questions that nobody has or likely would ever think about. Let the fun begin . . .

We have Francisco Lindor locked in at SS for likely a long time, so shouldn't we trade Jose Ramirez and get something for him?

How much value does Ramirez have at the moment?  Survey says . . . not much.  With little to gain from moving a young, controllable player; the right move is to hold on and keep on developing JRam, possibly into a super utility guy.

Keep in mind, Ramirez is just 22 and has proven he can hit minor league pitching.  Since his demotion, he's raking .355/.419/.474 with six stolen bases in just twenty games for Triple-A Columbus.  As bad as he was this spring in Cleveland, Ramirez has plenty of potential and the Tribe would be best to hold onto him.

What are the chances that the Tribe pick up David Murphy's $7 million club option next year?

It's very unlikely that the Indians will be picking up the option.  Murphy has been swinging the bat well this year, hitting .329/.372/.494 with a wRC+ of 145, but the Tribe's brass surely doesn't forget last year's struggles or his inability to adequately play defense.  $7 million isn't chump change either for the franchise, especially when you consider the cheap, young outfielders the Indians have in the minors (Ramsey, Naquin, Holt, Moncrief, Zimmer, Frazier).

Murphy's deal does have a $500,000 buyout, and while it's possible the Indians try to bring him back on a cheaper renegotiated deal, I'd say the half-million is likely all Murphy will get from the club in 2016.

I love dollar dog night at the ballpark.  How many dollar dogs is too many?

Your cardiologist says one.  Your wife says two.  Your son says fifteen.   Let's sort-of split the difference and say four.  Eating three hot dogs is plenty to fill you up but yet won't cause too many gastrointestinal fireworks.  And please . . . no ketchup.