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Indians Pitchers Make History; Indians Hitters Make (Much) Less History in Tampa Bay

And Joey Gallo is valuable. Apparently not valuable enough to stay in the majors amid a plethora of K's though.

"Cody and I are making history, Yan!" ... "We are too! 6 runs in back to back games!!"
"Cody and I are making history, Yan!" ... "We are too! 6 runs in back to back games!!"
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Salazar nearly kept pace with Cody Anderson's 19-up-19-down from Monday. Salazar's perfect game was broken up by an Asdrubal Cabrera walk—and the no-hitter was gone when Casali doubled with 2 outs in the 6th.

And let's flashback to Cody Anderson's start on Monday one more time: Here's an ESPN stats & info piece on his start. He became the 2nd Indians pitcher to ever go 7 IP and allow no more than 1 run in his first 2 starts. It's been a while since teammates pitched 5 perfect innings in back to back games.

The Indians scored 6+ runs in back-to-back games for the first time since May 15th and 16th.

The Indians bullpen has been much-improved since May 1. Here's what Terry Francona thinks about it.

Dating back to the start of 2014, Carlos Santana has scooped 30 out of 42 bad throws. Pay no attention to who ranks #1 this year.

Controversial News of the Day

The Rangers activated Josh Hamilton from the disabled list and optioned ROY candidate Joey Gallo to AAA to make room.

Gallo strikes out way too much, but sometimes sub-.220 hitters are valuable:

More From Around Baseball

LGFT John Axford was placed on the "temporary inactive list" but the good news is that it (reportedly) has nothing to do with his son's health.

Matt Cain will make his 2015 debut tomorrow against the Giancarlo-less Marlins. He will replace Tim Lincecum in the rotaton. Lincecum has a conveniently-bruised forearm.

Pete Mackanin will remain the interim manager of the Phillies. Laughably, earlier in the week, there were reports that this might not be the case. It would have been very "Phillies" for this to have been true.

The Giants DFA'd Casey McGehee again.

If you've been wondering how this year's Rule 5 picks have been doing, this link is for you.

Dallas Keuchel, one of my favorite pitchers in baseball, shut out the Royals last night after waking up and saying "I need to do something that will make westbrook love me more."