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2015 MLB Draft: Day 2 open thread

In which the Indians probably add some position players, and also draft some college seniors to free up slot money...

I'm running out of draft photos to use.
I'm running out of draft photos to use.
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The 2015 MLB Draft continues this afternoon. The Indians don't play until this evening, so this gives us something to do while ignoring work. Today we get rounds 3 through 10. If you're looking for information like which picks the Tribe have, or the slot value of those picks, you'll find it all here. You can stream coverage at, if you're interested, and find various draft trackers on Twitter.

We'll drop each Tribe pick into the comments, where you can converse about those guys, the three guys the Indians drafted last night, and most anything else that crosses your mind.

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Brady Aiken

Triston McKenzie

Juan Hillman

Those guys are all pitchers, and all teenagers. The Indians hadn't used their first three picks on teenage arms since 2001. It didn't work out then, but I like the move now.

Today's picks conclude the portion of the draft that the slot budget applies to. (That is unless, as I learned last night, a team pays a later draft pick more than $100,000, in which case the overage counts towards the budget) Last year the Indians made pretty quick work of signing their draft picks. I'm hoping the same thing happen this year.